Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sweet ophelia

Sweet Ophelia

I would not love you
But for the red brook inside my heart
Pleasuring me, calm
In sounds of your speech

I would not love you
But for the bursting garden amidst my soul
Lavishing my ankles
I rest, not whole

I would not love you
But for the broken stairs of a hill
Emitting you
Each season, still

Oh love, if you could wake my heart
With certainty too cruel

I’d grieve as
Sweet Ophelia!

And I would not love you 


poem by me & copyrighted in collection
photography copyrighted by me

Friday, November 19, 2010

up and coming... please stay with me.

pretty thinker from amy fairweather on Vimeo.

i am looking forward to releasing my book soon...
this video is a small glimpse into its essence... xo

Saturday, November 6, 2010

once around.

once around.

The birds never change
They sound the same
I am ten
I am twelve
Fourteen – again
And I’ve wasted the same
Amount of time now
As back then
Thinking on what doesn’t
Moving to where I don’t
Need to be
Everything changes in time

But the birds
- They sound
The same. 

photograph & poem copyrighted by me

Monday, November 1, 2010

rambling overture.

rambling overture.

You have a sparrow’s heart
Hands that move like sparkling carnival rides
The widowed swans sway like love letters upon kaleidoscope windows
Someone always says “be careful” just as my telescope finds the mightiest ship
that I know could alter my life.
The raven holds a message, beseeching mysteriously, I chase it
Plunging into breathlessness can be a sign of the most extravagant beginning
or even a wrenching end
I shall risk it all, divinely.

photo and poem copyrighted by me

Monday, October 18, 2010

this pain.

this pain. 

What pain can be less than you
That I can feel it and say
- oh it does not compare

What pain can be just like you
That I can have it and equate
- this recognizable dagger

What pain can be more than you
That I can bear it and wearyingly utter

- you were not everything

photograph and poem copyrighted by me

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love’s Disparity.

Love’s Disparity

There are times when I think of you
In slow motion
Have you ever felt so moved?
Oh love, I should not still care, but I truly do

My love, I’ve set you neath the largest stones
But it seems you ascend their immensity
Just like some sort of king, who has no rules
Or does, but charmingly defies them all

I never knew you could ride a horse so brilliantly
And all this way, every night? That painting never
Knew its course, I hardly loved it until you left me

I blush with every unabashed thing you do
But I want it most and completely
And if there is ever
Another engagement set out for me that would
Alter your downy arrival
You know paper gets lost quite simply

Some nights I want to believe
What this hero tells me
He should not try to rescue me so flat-out
But he does light his eyes fittingly
While asking me things, sublime
All my answers sound like yours&mine
Oh! This should never be right
But should I be so Lonely
No one ever tastes a stars haloed breath
No matter how brightly it shines

You fail this chest, so cruel

Have you ever felt so moved? 

copyrighted by me
photo copyrighted by me

Friday, September 24, 2010

to say love.

To Say Love

If summer’s light
Begs you gone
To fade behind
A groaning tree
Would you think
To leave a trail
To let my heart then
- Follow thee

If fall inhales
The fire of dusk
And swoons the minutes
To smoke your eyes
Would you ponder
The extent of visions
And let your soul
Bid otherwise

If winter tests
The fondest beings
So dreary that
They come undone
Would you be a
Feast of warmth
And let us add
A matchless

When spring bestows
The drench of new
A watercolor
Summoned earth 
Will you soon
Pursue a quest
To jewel my hand
In blossom’s

Oh life is not
A dreamt example
Not every bit
A child’s sky
But let us, love
Resist the trample
The proof of worth
- All we defy


photo and poem copyrighted by me

Saturday, September 4, 2010

patterns and epitomes.

patterns and epitomes.

I find myself
Far away
Under a no light
Under the no moon
But neath a distended
A custom, I suppose
For I come back
Mostly on those nights
No one would believe it is me
For who is a girl that wanders?
Ungrateful and so, no name
But I know why I lie there
Inside certain patterns and epitomes
My thumping heart sounds different
Within such a ghostly draw
But when tiredness does fall
I sneak back to my bed
He never turns his head
And come morning, I hardly believe it 
poem copyrighted by me

Friday, August 13, 2010

along the way.

along the way. 

In the light blue of your
Leaving me, I could not speak the
Correct words as they traveled through
My fancy spring time, poorly

I ran to our pond that
Stood, deeply opaque
It did not lend an embrace
-       But bargained with all around
To match its wistful manner

And I felt as faint as a scene
Cut out of a playwrights dream
The pond fashioned perfectly
A sorry reflection of me
Then moving its indigo precision
Loaning to me, Us - as a vision
I tried to catch it, still
No sanity could break my will
Falling in, a well dressed rock
Saving myself, upon the dock
I lied breathless amidst butterfly's laughter
Energy spent on nothing to capture

I suppose that is what all love will do
Or perhaps, just I

For you.

photo here
 poem copyrighted by me

Saturday, July 17, 2010

To: Girl

To: Girl

If you want love to find you
- Be lovely

If you feel too lonely
- Tell God

If you can not change
What is making you ache
   -Cry out loud and then

Move on  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



The warrior sky deepened
As it cut stars
Into my diary
Swinging down
Upon us ornaments of
Gaiety and warmth
You held me
Securely and I
Attired myself
As a ballerina
To reach your mouth
And steal your words
Their honey quenching
This loophole between
Magnetic conversation and
Impatient desire
Oh we could rest
Any place as desolate
And gray as one
Alley – bent
And I would still
Feel the ceaseless
Path of our gardened
Wedding bed
For no land
Can steal your

photography copyrighted by me: Dahlia Sentimental
poem copyrighted by me in collection: blue birds drag the stars

Sunday, June 13, 2010

my heart won't believe.

My Heart Won’t Believe
I’m penniless
Without you
I’ve not a place to go
No friends to dine amidst
No thing to list
If you won’t come here
To pull me to you in your lament
So I could kiss over you
With a pardon as soft as
The stream of your sorrow

I don’t want another
To beg my hand
I’d rather be less conscious
On some barren land
Perhaps wishing on you
But at least finding rest
Uttering moments
Solitude won’t contest
No one should come my way
No one, not now
For what sort of words
Flee a desperate mouth
I only want to hear us
Even if it is your heart
Shifting towards mine
As slow as time changes the season

I ache for you
Like the sun
With only cold things
To lie upon
I feel your vacancy
And yet I strongly admire
Pressing into emptiness
I moan - a mere liar
Oh love, I can not go very far
But under a draping willow tree
She rustles, brushing secrets
- There, you will find me.

poem copyrighted within A Poetess Confessed collection
photograph copyrighted by Dahlia Sentimental Photography

Thursday, May 27, 2010

we meet again.

please let this be
not coincidence
not loneliness approaching
some body
nor paths so broken they meet
to say what can
only warm the unsettling air
i am swept into his smile
like stardust over the moon
i lie upon his lap
and sleep as though her womb
we've not adjacent lives
but there is an aisle now, lit smooth
no slanted noosed pain can move again
not within his reach
love may not be easily right
but gathered steadily through time
and if that is yours and mine
- come keep me

poem & image copyrighted by me.


Friday, May 14, 2010

wild sea

Forgive me
Like the wild sea
If I am so cold
If I am that rapid
If I may lean as too far away begins
I am as the wild sea
Too strong for my own good  
But I didn't mean a thing
For doesn’t the very wind break a tree
That once it moved, adoring.  


poem by me
photo here

Monday, April 26, 2010

keeping her heart a secret
... only wasted a key...

excerpt from L. Book by me.
photo here

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

eight metaphors

Eight Metaphors

If I did not (so often) think of you
I have grown too weary of that phrase
For what a boredom, when wondering who
Could substitute your spring lit gaze

And why should one devise a plan
To whisk away my easy pleasure
Though most say I’ve excessive dreams
Who rules so right to take the measure?

I stand alone upon a bridge
They often see me and think dismayed
But oh as they should pass me by
I breathe relief and sigh unscathed

And though your distance is persisting
Eight kindled metaphors press my night
To once again believe your whispers
Shall someday be my breathless sight  

picture from
poem copyrighted by me

Saturday, April 10, 2010



Has there ever been a moment
When you were amongst a crowd
And you imagined my face
In someone’s place
Just to love me once again
Does the rain ever remind you
Of how I wept
The night I saw you
And you were with her
You know I felt a bit deranged
Like a little girl
Losing her way
I ran to find solace in the misty air
And prayed such a foreign prayer
For you to just love me
Once again
And when you moved on
It seemed so absurd
I could hear our ideas
As you shared them with her
I wondered so many times
If you ever kissed her tight
Or touched her hair
And then with all your want
Believed I was there
To heal the quest
Of tasting me
For insanity, sane
And loving me
Once again

picture here
poem from my collection kissing paper

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



There are feathers as
Light as us
Beyond the somewhere in
This soul of life
They turn inside a sun crowned field
And flowers bend in sleepy joy
The colors of our hearts will strand an
Infinite aisle
- Sentimental, for gazing. 

poem copyrighted by me
photo unknown source, please tell me if you know. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010



There is an open window in my heart
It chills me to the bone
In the middle of these soundless nights
I hear you, coming home

Inside the shadow of a tree
I cry, our days, all gone
Its stretching, rustling, moving slow
What heart should wait this long?

Am I the girl within the words
That used to make me flee
Are you the man upon the stretch
- A bottle set, to sea.
Oh love, profess it, either way

Just make it clear to me. 


picture here
poem copyrighted by me

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

our earth still breathes.

Our Earth Still Breathes

Spreading a glow
In her palm
She wraps it around
Her neck
Leaning back
To kiss you, strikingly
The pull of
Of her approval
Tilting you
Into me
As we ate celebration
From a paper plate
Picking appropriate clouds
I bent atop you
Like a deep green
Stem of daydreams
My blossom hair
Sprawling out upon
Your fresh – ness
Water me again

She calls you back home
You pluck a flower
Near your eye

Oh love, our earth can
Not be zipped up into death
Have you learned
Your lesson yet?

Forever grows

Each year

picture here
poem copyrighted by me

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i hope.

i hope.
Down this road
I hope to know you
Like unplanned evenings out
And morning calls before
The birds
Like silken ribbon
Curling over my heart
And dedicated music inside
My palm
I hope to watch
This page of us
Turn slowly
As its colors fly
Freely off the page
Soaking us in
Ridiculous pleasure
And all we’d ask - is to be
poem copyrighted by me. 
from my 2009 release: blue birds drag the stars 
photo here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Till fall.

I think when winter comes
I will see you in sleigh rides
I suppose when spring returns
I will hear you in early sounds
I bet when summer leaves
I will feel you near my side
Pressing me to wait
- Till fall 

poem copyrighted by me
picture here

Thursday, March 18, 2010

over you.

over you.

You are blue eyes beneath a
White hat leading me to the
Beach that is closed for the
Season – another reason
To add too much sugar in my coffee
As I sit on a bench and stare
At an old theater, swearing the
Sign is going to fall
You distract me inside meadows of
Flowers that I can not name
For my head is filled with a
Tangled necklace that needs
To be fixed so that it can
Wear into my neck like
Heart shaped discipline
As I am swooned in the dark
Of his normalcy.  


poem copyrighted (2009,by me)

picture here