Monday, October 18, 2010

this pain.

this pain. 

What pain can be less than you
That I can feel it and say
- oh it does not compare

What pain can be just like you
That I can have it and equate
- this recognizable dagger

What pain can be more than you
That I can bear it and wearyingly utter

- you were not everything

photograph and poem copyrighted by me


Athena. said...

This broke my heart into a million inconceivably tiny pieces. Sometimes everything turns out to be less than that, and oh, it hurts.
Love, Athena. xx

MaryPosa said...

I just stumbled across your blog via teamBoo. These are lovely. :)

You are rather talented.

Anonymous said...

When one person becomes everything, the entire life, soul and universe of another being, then the only thing that can heal is Time. But no, I do not think there is any pain which will ever compare, because memories don't heal. Braveness is the only option.