Tuesday, March 30, 2010

our earth still breathes.

Our Earth Still Breathes

Spreading a glow
In her palm
She wraps it around
Her neck
Leaning back
To kiss you, strikingly
The pull of
Of her approval
Tilting you
Into me
As we ate celebration
From a paper plate
Picking appropriate clouds
I bent atop you
Like a deep green
Stem of daydreams
My blossom hair
Sprawling out upon
Your fresh – ness
Water me again

She calls you back home
You pluck a flower
Near your eye

Oh love, our earth can
Not be zipped up into death
Have you learned
Your lesson yet?

Forever grows

Each year

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poem copyrighted by me

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i hope.

i hope.
Down this road
I hope to know you
Like unplanned evenings out
And morning calls before
The birds
Like silken ribbon
Curling over my heart
And dedicated music inside
My palm
I hope to watch
This page of us
Turn slowly
As its colors fly
Freely off the page
Soaking us in
Ridiculous pleasure
And all we’d ask - is to be
poem copyrighted by me. 
from my 2009 release: blue birds drag the stars 
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Till fall.

I think when winter comes
I will see you in sleigh rides
I suppose when spring returns
I will hear you in early sounds
I bet when summer leaves
I will feel you near my side
Pressing me to wait
- Till fall 

poem copyrighted by me
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

over you.

over you.

You are blue eyes beneath a
White hat leading me to the
Beach that is closed for the
Season – another reason
To add too much sugar in my coffee
As I sit on a bench and stare
At an old theater, swearing the
Sign is going to fall
You distract me inside meadows of
Flowers that I can not name
For my head is filled with a
Tangled necklace that needs
To be fixed so that it can
Wear into my neck like
Heart shaped discipline
As I am swooned in the dark
Of his normalcy.  


poem copyrighted (2009,by me)

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

i love you.

I love you

I love you like
I’ve known you
Met you someplace else before
Live with me a lifetime more

I love you like
Happy birds – bouncing odd
Morning sun’s – imagined nod
Spring time secrets – lying in a field
Thirteen promises - sealed

First – crush- rush
If only I could touch

Running start upon the sand
Take my hand and
Hitting the ocean so blue
And as deep
As my love for you

poem copyrighted by me
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

rest knowing, i love you still

Rest Knowing, I Love You Still

When a field opens up into
Your bedroom
And you lie in it like
My heart
I will settle on a branch
To prepare a budding song
And you can in-half smile
Dabbing clover
Upon your sorrow
And wish my wings to
Try you again
And I shall
Circle you
As softly as you imagined
You can shiver
You can kill the pain
Upon my breast
To catch the clef
That sings us
No words of debate
I’ve forgiven you
(My seventh sense)
And a dozen rose
Can wait 

Poem copyrighted by me 
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Saturday, March 6, 2010



sometimes little whispers come to me like light
shining through the trees
it all settles in and i just like to listen
as you say to me
i am the fairest one of all
more than this thing, beauty
you fit the crescents of my heart
just as i longed to be
everything, to you
who whispers like balmy light
through these nested trees.

photo here
poem copyrighted by me

Friday, March 5, 2010


Time fades
As sorrow grays the sky
I release an ache
And you touch my sleeve
Like love lost does
Your gravity angles our
Worlds correct
I collected some of
Your light
That night you
Vanished down
The cold, damp street
My temperate words
Moving in your
Troubled cup
You turned away
Your back burned
Into my chest
I prayed you would
Drink them all
Now I wish – just a sip
My void is in your voice
She sees your game
-You lose
And I am not
So sorry.

photo copyrighted by me
poem copyrighted by me