Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Did you turn back
The night you left
Did you take many steps
And never forget my words

Does she stand there, so close
And change to my silhouette
Like a ghost, (you let)
Do you ever ache with her cheek to yours
As I spill through her pores
And you smile a smile that she doesn’t know
And can not see
A happiness held by me

I saw you long after that night
As though I was just some girl, chained
A prisoner, forbidden to even say hello
Only to gaze at you within the shade
Near that old majestic tree
And you stood under the sun
With her
Tempting me to commit things
I should not do
I kissed the circles of what you said
I touched your hair as you nodded your head
I was the scholar of your heart again
Held firmly inside your arms
Until brought back by the scratch of earth
My conscience warning me to not be foolish
And to stay far from you
Obeying it was as tiring as a mountain climb
Like being punished by a jilted Queen
Love, all the strength I had
Was to pray
And walk away 
Leaving you in the distance
Your smile was the last thing I saw
As you slowly looked over your shoulder at
Nothing at all
Oh love, did you feel me!

And now I regret that day
You are not my right, I know
I will stay far away,
As obedient as I am


Monday, November 6, 2017



I’ve taken hold of my loss
To rewrite it, softly, over my heart
Refreshing start
But oh, the nights I still long
To see a little light
Lively, midst the trees
To think of you
Coming strongly to me
And I, perfumed in all you loved best
Would greet you half-shy
Inside that novel atmosphere

I’ve resisted calm invitations
As he pulls to spin me inside his arms like satin
For too soon I will pool upon the floor
To squander (equally) his charm and
Time in a cruel example of my wanting just you

Oh love, I might be upon a hill
In a cabin stretched so far beyond the drive
That it can barely expect to be seen
If only by one being

Who knows exactly why. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Nothing can save me now
Once and again, when I give in
Once I am that time before
And again, when I love him
Grieving shadows, they don’t scare me
Fiery letters, crawl away
And no one comes to hear me
For what is good
That fools can say

I should walk alone now
I should find a limb
To lie my body over
Drive pain within this sin
And God would be the only
The one to take me down
For no other can warn me
& move such foolish sound