Wednesday, June 29, 2011

like love.

Like love.

I waited for you, like love
Pastel pink cheek bones
Fast beating heart
A songbird in my palm

I knew you would come soon
Clean shaven jaw
Strong collected hands
A nod under the most dissimilar bough    

We came together knowingly
Foggy woods opening to a
Sunlit lake of pattering blue
Trees leaning with the wind
And you
Leaning in to me
Pressing your heart to mine




Friday, June 24, 2011

midnight & often.

Things are scrambled now
Like a wild haunting fire
& burning ever the same
Nothing winds down while
Holding on so tightly
Flowers named Jenny
Look like us neath the moon
When we were twisted & bright
In black waters.

Let us sail this sea, no harboring.

Friday, June 17, 2011

ascending june.

I no longer wish to be your girl
There, I said it
So frisk-it as you may with her
& lie smartly under the stars like such a man
I am sure you will tell her those things
That you always said were just for me
& she will believe it all
Why wouldn’t she, you’re such a
Good-good boy.

Go on now.
Fish for things in rhythmic lakes
You always were fond of the sound
You do look sweeter neath the sun
When you turn your head to view something
You squint and smirk and say such marvelous twaddle
Oh! I love it all
Or, perhaps I did.

But now, I really, no longer do.

Flowers, pennies, stars, how are these plagues for the heart?