Monday, April 26, 2010

keeping her heart a secret
... only wasted a key...

excerpt from L. Book by me.
photo here

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

eight metaphors

Eight Metaphors

If I did not (so often) think of you
I have grown too weary of that phrase
For what a boredom, when wondering who
Could substitute your spring lit gaze

And why should one devise a plan
To whisk away my easy pleasure
Though most say I’ve excessive dreams
Who rules so right to take the measure?

I stand alone upon a bridge
They often see me and think dismayed
But oh as they should pass me by
I breathe relief and sigh unscathed

And though your distance is persisting
Eight kindled metaphors press my night
To once again believe your whispers
Shall someday be my breathless sight  

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poem copyrighted by me

Saturday, April 10, 2010



Has there ever been a moment
When you were amongst a crowd
And you imagined my face
In someone’s place
Just to love me once again
Does the rain ever remind you
Of how I wept
The night I saw you
And you were with her
You know I felt a bit deranged
Like a little girl
Losing her way
I ran to find solace in the misty air
And prayed such a foreign prayer
For you to just love me
Once again
And when you moved on
It seemed so absurd
I could hear our ideas
As you shared them with her
I wondered so many times
If you ever kissed her tight
Or touched her hair
And then with all your want
Believed I was there
To heal the quest
Of tasting me
For insanity, sane
And loving me
Once again

picture here
poem from my collection kissing paper

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



There are feathers as
Light as us
Beyond the somewhere in
This soul of life
They turn inside a sun crowned field
And flowers bend in sleepy joy
The colors of our hearts will strand an
Infinite aisle
- Sentimental, for gazing. 

poem copyrighted by me
photo unknown source, please tell me if you know. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010



There is an open window in my heart
It chills me to the bone
In the middle of these soundless nights
I hear you, coming home

Inside the shadow of a tree
I cry, our days, all gone
Its stretching, rustling, moving slow
What heart should wait this long?

Am I the girl within the words
That used to make me flee
Are you the man upon the stretch
- A bottle set, to sea.
Oh love, profess it, either way

Just make it clear to me. 


picture here
poem copyrighted by me