Friday, April 10, 2015

in my heart

you are a racing horseman
in my heart - midnight dark
rushing under cold - dewed leaves
slick conviction -on to me

you are black birds – widowed lace
set upon my sorrowed face
sitting erect – a piano king
chattering – gasped
she would not sing

you are fresh – white
inspired - sky
stirring me  - illusion - sigh
kissing tart-  flavoring dawn
fragrance rustling - curious fawn

he is familiar  - holding firm
eyes that don’t see – hushed  discern
thoughtfulness – subsiding trouble
lips pressed warm –to hint- unsubtle
paper dates – he gives a dress
begging words – I can’t profess

the porous world – drafting doom
you are hidden – potent moon

I won’t let them in – love, mind
your commanding dash – to me, will find
Whisk me up- strong - tear my dress
behind you tight, my lips – confess