Tuesday, December 20, 2011


You watch me like a fire
And I rise in the moon for it
Lighting you all-true-blue
Darling, say you’re staying

We are resonating now
Like panther claws
& sweet ivy
All the pain I’ve bottled up
Grabs your heart like drowning

Nothing that matters is
Almost with you

All these baby stems & a tragedy
I, the maven, of bittersweet.

Friday, December 16, 2011

gif creator

(Excerpt from "A Crowded Place" by Amy Fairweather)

You happened upon me that day
Though in the distance, you stood out
As beautiful familiarity often does
Like fish caught up inside a stream
We were trapped in the crowd

I smiled in surprise
You barely smiled back and shifted your gaze
You could not look at me, not solely
You sent a considerate nod
And then moved through the throng
To somewhere
Anywhere but near me, it seemed
And that was all
You had nothing I ever imagined for me...


Thursday, December 1, 2011

There were mornings
When the sun would shine through
My window like a glass gate
I’d turn to my side
And feel the day to be
Like a sea of first breath

Now evening falls in a perched land
I lie in bed like a fish hook
And there, I see him again

A man waits for my lights return
A boy says he loves me like fresh earth in my arms

My heart is a box of letters
Threaded to a violet star

Friday, November 18, 2011

This star is your little heart
A moonlit whisper, a satin string,
A bed of Queen Anne’s lacing

(i'm four months pregnant
- thank you Jesus)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

no time. 

Should I discover you
In by and bys
Marking up my skin
Pulling roots to own the earth
Within these wintry hands
A ballerina shall turn again
Near my fading gravity

Should I simply run so far
To exhale my very agony
Like black smoke from a
Rusted train 
Taking up the sky
Finding a bluebird’s heart
As she soars like a ribbon, leading to you

Should I ever be found
Apart from this world
Like a divided locket
Dangling near the sea
Wondering on things that will
Never, ever be
Let me live this way!

For I have a broken heart
-        I have a broken heart
don't they know they can not
fix it?

This wound will never heal
But for resting.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



You are gone
Though I always swore you would not be
& then you’d look at me
Your eyes as tired as every
Sleepless night you suffered &
Every poison that traced your veins
You’d tell me that you hoped that I
Was right.

You’re gonna get better.
I would say
& always from you, I hope so.
I had enough optimism for the both of us
& now that aches the matter even more
In some strange way, I feel like a liar

Oh you are joyous & free, I know.
But I wanted to see you better here.
To acquire the body you deserved back
To dine happily in nodding laughter
To rest in your dwelling, cozy splendor

To set out in your boat neath a
Flickering cleared sun
Your heart shouting joy!
The battle is won!
& like catching two lost summers
You would be gone for days

But now you are gone forever
& that hurts just like it sounds
I’ve stopped trying to understand.

I will miss you. 

dedicated to my brother Mark, who battled cancer for two years and just when it seemed like all was about to be well, he was gone- august 24, 2011. 

one day i will see you again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

 There is a shadow over my heart now
A tide that once turned round
My ankles like spooling the soul
Now moves me off the sand
Backwards, sick & somber

Impossible-ness is
The sort that aches & mystifies
Old summer sounds sift thru
The screen like I could run out &
Touch them & all this emptiness would
Gather itself inside a diary
Tucked away, no matter

Oh this dismal news, like fog
Lift & let him stay!

& in belled fields I will wander
Far & happy. 


Monday, August 1, 2011

what once was loved.

She has a mind for corners
& dying cigarettes
Half bent on the grass
Like an archway to the bees
Swollen- trotted
it’s always-something

she calls on him
& hears his voice
Though never sees his face
Her finger laces the air
She moans – I’m such a liar!
The deer scatter, a window opens

The sun setting like it’s broken.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

august nothing.

August nothing.

I will come back to you
Like English tea
Staining the cuff of your business shirt
Resembling a puddle neath
An insipid light
You will turn ever so slight
To see if I am there
& of course, I will not be
But my tousled spirit
Shall set you chin-down consumed
As I am far away
Behind a fog drift window
Near yellow-pink chrysanthemums
Lifting their chins to dear me it all
For it is much too late to not know
Some things certainly
Love plays like sunlit chords
-        When it ends, you are either inspired or
Long to be dead.

Puppet shows are for children, yes?

Friday, July 8, 2011

a wish.

a wish

 Inside this life of yours and mine
I can not wish for anything more
Except for the very thing of it
- More

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

like love.

Like love.

I waited for you, like love
Pastel pink cheek bones
Fast beating heart
A songbird in my palm

I knew you would come soon
Clean shaven jaw
Strong collected hands
A nod under the most dissimilar bough    

We came together knowingly
Foggy woods opening to a
Sunlit lake of pattering blue
Trees leaning with the wind
And you
Leaning in to me
Pressing your heart to mine




Friday, June 24, 2011

midnight & often.

Things are scrambled now
Like a wild haunting fire
& burning ever the same
Nothing winds down while
Holding on so tightly
Flowers named Jenny
Look like us neath the moon
When we were twisted & bright
In black waters.

Let us sail this sea, no harboring.

Friday, June 17, 2011

ascending june.

I no longer wish to be your girl
There, I said it
So frisk-it as you may with her
& lie smartly under the stars like such a man
I am sure you will tell her those things
That you always said were just for me
& she will believe it all
Why wouldn’t she, you’re such a
Good-good boy.

Go on now.
Fish for things in rhythmic lakes
You always were fond of the sound
You do look sweeter neath the sun
When you turn your head to view something
You squint and smirk and say such marvelous twaddle
Oh! I love it all
Or, perhaps I did.

But now, I really, no longer do.

Flowers, pennies, stars, how are these plagues for the heart?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

a hundred sparrows.

I have almost left this town, many times
I have packed my bags full of
Everything I see, except to leave one bit of me
On the window sill for you to find
To press against your heart and wonder
Where I am, like pleading...

photo&excerpt copyrighted by me

Monday, May 23, 2011


...does she stand there, so close
And change to my silhouette
Like a ghost, (you let)
Do you ever ache with her cheek to yours
As I spill through her pores
And you smile a smile that she doesn’t know
And can not see
A happiness held by me...

photo and poem copyrighted by me

Thursday, May 19, 2011

it's a strange thing.

 it's a strange thing.

if she dances like that tomorrow
-        you will love her
yes, you will
and I will reside on a patchwork
floor with a bowl of grapes
and a vase of daises
rolling my eyes in the tragedy of it all

if she leaves you be, for days
-        you will want me
yes, you will
& I will run far-far away
over the yellow washed field
but only for you to catch me
& jitter out your terrible excuses
like an alley cat to the fair maiden

if she calls on you, after that
and you love her
(if you do)
- I will wonder why again
cry too hard to let you know
& then I’ll let you go
and if you never understand
& come around to ask me why
i’ll only sigh & smile
as a wrench drives in my side
& tell you love never works this way

& set out to find a life of days
- for always, without you. 

photo & poem copyrighted by me, amy fairweather.

Saturday, May 14, 2011



Summer has just begun
& there are sailboats in your eyes
Stony roads to tall-tall trees
Animals scurrying to the brushed heavens
Gardenia letters
Silver hearts
Vanilla on you, darling
Jars of sparks
Ghosts of lovers
Hot memory attics trace
- All sand 

photo & poem copyrighted by me.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

change my mind

change my mind.

Haunt me this evening
Stand below the
Every light
Skim past my side
When he takes my hand
Whisper to me your
Sense – infuse me
With reflective - ness
Be the king upon my card
Mouthing our escape
Take me to the
Summit of us 
Make me see you, implore! 
Convince me you need me - more!
I swear I shall close my notion
He is but a stream substituting
Your ocean
Oh love
- If only you’d fight
For me. 

photo copyrighted by me
poem copyrighted in collection by me

Thursday, March 31, 2011

pretty things.

Pretty things.

 You fill me with such pretty things
Your watercolor eyes, do fall
You seek to tell me what you wish
And one by one, I want it all 

photo copyrighted by me
poem copyrighted by me

Sunday, March 6, 2011

mere rose.

Mere Rose

Mere rose, soft flower, you came so sweetly
Set on a table, profound and neatly
I lifted you high as I spun in fond laughter
But to my quickened eye, long tears followed after
My hand holds you still, but now, not the same
Tightly wound in despair, upon reading her name

photograph here

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

your memory.

your memory.

Rummaging through old and
New seasons
Throwing kisses upon
My sleep
Folding up my fragile smile
Reflecting in waters as tranquil
As I can not stand
Forever and never webbed in
An old haunted tree  
Seeping your voice inside
Quiet halls where old lovers
Dance to scattered prose
Pouring trails of snowflakes
Upon July grass
To slip me up for
The summer

Standing still and
Completely clear
In the zooming past of


photograph here
poetry copyrighted by me here

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

in time.

in time.

I can bargain
With my heart
To let you go
And she may listen
Though dismayed
I imagine she will
Lightly, give you away
But every so often
As I find myself not
Where I am
You will
Emerge from my
Childhood lake
As radiant as the
Sleekest summer sun
And stand upon
The dock
To once more
Not love
  My name. 

poem copyrighted by me
photo here