Thursday, November 10, 2011

no time. 

Should I discover you
In by and bys
Marking up my skin
Pulling roots to own the earth
Within these wintry hands
A ballerina shall turn again
Near my fading gravity

Should I simply run so far
To exhale my very agony
Like black smoke from a
Rusted train 
Taking up the sky
Finding a bluebird’s heart
As she soars like a ribbon, leading to you

Should I ever be found
Apart from this world
Like a divided locket
Dangling near the sea
Wondering on things that will
Never, ever be
Let me live this way!

For I have a broken heart
-        I have a broken heart
don't they know they can not
fix it?

This wound will never heal
But for resting.


Bridget Fossedal said...

gorgeous. as per usual. the images were startling.

Haley Galloway said...

The photography with each of your poems is INCREDIBLE. So dreamy.

I hope all is going well with you. I have been praying for you for months now. And hoping you are feeling well physically! Thank you for all the comments on my blog...yours are always so thoughtful and I really appreciate it.