Friday, September 24, 2010

to say love.

To Say Love

If summer’s light
Begs you gone
To fade behind
A groaning tree
Would you think
To leave a trail
To let my heart then
- Follow thee

If fall inhales
The fire of dusk
And swoons the minutes
To smoke your eyes
Would you ponder
The extent of visions
And let your soul
Bid otherwise

If winter tests
The fondest beings
So dreary that
They come undone
Would you be a
Feast of warmth
And let us add
A matchless

When spring bestows
The drench of new
A watercolor
Summoned earth 
Will you soon
Pursue a quest
To jewel my hand
In blossom’s

Oh life is not
A dreamt example
Not every bit
A child’s sky
But let us, love
Resist the trample
The proof of worth
- All we defy


photo and poem copyrighted by me

Saturday, September 4, 2010

patterns and epitomes.

patterns and epitomes.

I find myself
Far away
Under a no light
Under the no moon
But neath a distended
A custom, I suppose
For I come back
Mostly on those nights
No one would believe it is me
For who is a girl that wanders?
Ungrateful and so, no name
But I know why I lie there
Inside certain patterns and epitomes
My thumping heart sounds different
Within such a ghostly draw
But when tiredness does fall
I sneak back to my bed
He never turns his head
And come morning, I hardly believe it 
poem copyrighted by me