Amy grew up in a tiny town and noticed early on her love of paper and pen, even before she knew quite what to do with it.
Her siblings took notice of her obsession for notepads and writing utensils and quickly mocked her as a "junk collector" -but she never minded.
Her first song was penned at age 9. From that point on she was an avid diary keeper, falling in love with the prospect of thoughts on paper.
Jump ahead a few years and songs later and you would be at the moment when Amy wrote her first poem at the age of 14...
 I recall the exact moment, feeling, place and time... something happened and I was hooked
She wrote from that point on, very rarely sharing her work with anyone, but devoted to it nonetheless.
. Having a broken heart gave me the insight to write about it, I don't regret any of my grief, I thank God I went through it.

She eventually sewed up her heart & decided to date again. The love of her life came along exactly when she was not ready but she ditched her strict agenda & got love sick instead, she has happily never recovered.
She has self published over 450 more poems in six different collections and is currently wrapping up her latest collection.

I believe that God gives us each a talent, and it is our choice to make something of it or let it fade... He gave me writing, it makes me happy.