Friday, November 6, 2015

My heart is where our home is
In the windswept field of sun crowned animals
On the dock,  embraced in a summer’s end
Within the rolling moonlight down a clover hill
All of this always and never again

There is a drenching in attachment
Things that flew so sadly & adrift, settle
Or else succumb to rising brightness
A spring’s sudden death
Emerges like a faithful morning
He knows all you’ve lost
& gathers you up in pieces as you are
He calls it a pledge
You call it a bet
Either way – there is no returning

Monday, October 26, 2015

August 23, 2015

 -Missing Mark  -

What does it take to move on?
A marvelous sunset that turns you free
A fresh day of gripping laughter
Your heart so full of bloom that the very
Fragrance lifts you entirely to the fire of
Letting go, &  there you let it all turn to
Ashes and slowly walk away

 No, this is not moving on from you
For broken hearts of love lost, perhaps
For sadness from a vanished dream, maybe
But not for losing you

Sunsets are what you are missing
Though it is foolish, I know
For you are not truly missing anything now
And that is what is so strange to be sure of
That you are happier than you would ever have been here
And yet the pain that you will never return

 What makes for my loss of mind at times
Is your ending, so cruel
I forget my breath
And catch it midst a heaving ache within my chest

We would all love to see you just once more
To say something we wish we said
To hug you tighter because - this is it
To know, to just know for certain
That you didnt Feel that last sting.

There is no mending some brokenness
For not all loss is a line
But a circle instead.

Friday, April 10, 2015

in my heart

you are a racing horseman
in my heart - midnight dark
rushing under cold - dewed leaves
slick conviction -on to me

you are black birds – widowed lace
set upon my sorrowed face
sitting erect – a piano king
chattering – gasped
she would not sing

you are fresh – white
inspired - sky
stirring me  - illusion - sigh
kissing tart-  flavoring dawn
fragrance rustling - curious fawn

he is familiar  - holding firm
eyes that don’t see – hushed  discern
thoughtfulness – subsiding trouble
lips pressed warm –to hint- unsubtle
paper dates – he gives a dress
begging words – I can’t profess

the porous world – drafting doom
you are hidden – potent moon

I won’t let them in – love, mind
your commanding dash – to me, will find
Whisk me up- strong - tear my dress
behind you tight, my lips – confess