Sunday, June 24, 2012

Too Plentiful, Some Sorrow

So here I am
I am stone
You are air
I am every inch of
What I don’t want to be
And I can’t move
I can’t even crawl
My aching is so deep
I see the hole of it below
My sorrow is so vast
I am the ship in it
And I don’t know how
To steer
Or else
I don’t know where
To go.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

snowball moon

I miss you
And the sounds from your head
The rolling of life as it always was
Like spinning underneath a finger

I can see us as children
It is a driving pain
& one of the dearest things

I picture you
Mostly so late
We gather in the snowball moon
& not one person knows me there
This cry I give to God
Tell me why, please tell me why

And I just want to talk to you again
This wish weakens me – tragic

Till my eyes close like
your ending
a train colliding with, a cloud

Friday, June 15, 2012

Poppies and Lessons

Sometimes I get tired of it all
And I want to be whisked away
To some boat
Some lake
And the boat would be old
having a fascinating history
with a look of charming dishevelment
And the lake would be sheltered
With draping trees and haloed sunbeams
With signs of love songs sung long ago
And a rose reflecting like Shakespeare knows
I’d give you that look
You’d give me the look
And we’d sail away neath
The baking sun
Like two little kids
Little birds
In love
I’d kiss you fine
So remarkably
You’d buy the boat
Like gold
We’d hide it
Near poppies and
Lessons and run home
Love-sick and

Friday, June 1, 2012

I know you
Like a little diamond
Flickering in the distance
Neath violet-loved grass
and the almost evening

In your world there
Will always be a paper boat
I set it within a lake on
an August afternoon
the tiny golden flowers
of your name will forever
trace the way

My Aria, sweet heart
Darling, light
& free.  

to my new baby girl, Aria. xo