Saturday, September 4, 2010

patterns and epitomes.

patterns and epitomes.

I find myself
Far away
Under a no light
Under the no moon
But neath a distended
A custom, I suppose
For I come back
Mostly on those nights
No one would believe it is me
For who is a girl that wanders?
Ungrateful and so, no name
But I know why I lie there
Inside certain patterns and epitomes
My thumping heart sounds different
Within such a ghostly draw
But when tiredness does fall
I sneak back to my bed
He never turns his head
And come morning, I hardly believe it 
poem copyrighted by me


Celeste said...

this is really lovely <3

Stephanie said...

Beautiful. Have a great weekend!

ArizonaLewis said...

your email is almost exactly what i would say about myself. and knowing how unique you feel as a person, i hope you're not insulting or disappointed in finding a kindred soul. nice to meet you. and your brain.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

great post :)