Tuesday, April 20, 2010

eight metaphors

Eight Metaphors

If I did not (so often) think of you
I have grown too weary of that phrase
For what a boredom, when wondering who
Could substitute your spring lit gaze

And why should one devise a plan
To whisk away my easy pleasure
Though most say I’ve excessive dreams
Who rules so right to take the measure?

I stand alone upon a bridge
They often see me and think dismayed
But oh as they should pass me by
I breathe relief and sigh unscathed

And though your distance is persisting
Eight kindled metaphors press my night
To once again believe your whispers
Shall someday be my breathless sight  

picture from weheartit.com
poem copyrighted by me

1 comment:

kelly ann said...

breathtaking. i love reading your poems so much!