Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love’s Disparity.

Love’s Disparity

There are times when I think of you
In slow motion
Have you ever felt so moved?
Oh love, I should not still care, but I truly do

My love, I’ve set you neath the largest stones
But it seems you ascend their immensity
Just like some sort of king, who has no rules
Or does, but charmingly defies them all

I never knew you could ride a horse so brilliantly
And all this way, every night? That painting never
Knew its course, I hardly loved it until you left me

I blush with every unabashed thing you do
But I want it most and completely
And if there is ever
Another engagement set out for me that would
Alter your downy arrival
You know paper gets lost quite simply

Some nights I want to believe
What this hero tells me
He should not try to rescue me so flat-out
But he does light his eyes fittingly
While asking me things, sublime
All my answers sound like yours&mine
Oh! This should never be right
But should I be so Lonely
No one ever tastes a stars haloed breath
No matter how brightly it shines

You fail this chest, so cruel

Have you ever felt so moved? 

copyrighted by me
photo copyrighted by me

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vanessa joie said...

Beautiful poem.

Thanks for the comment on my blog... when I say quit I mean give notice. I'd never just quit w/out notice unless something crazy was going on. (well crazier!)