Friday, August 13, 2010

along the way.

along the way. 

In the light blue of your
Leaving me, I could not speak the
Correct words as they traveled through
My fancy spring time, poorly

I ran to our pond that
Stood, deeply opaque
It did not lend an embrace
-       But bargained with all around
To match its wistful manner

And I felt as faint as a scene
Cut out of a playwrights dream
The pond fashioned perfectly
A sorry reflection of me
Then moving its indigo precision
Loaning to me, Us - as a vision
I tried to catch it, still
No sanity could break my will
Falling in, a well dressed rock
Saving myself, upon the dock
I lied breathless amidst butterfly's laughter
Energy spent on nothing to capture

I suppose that is what all love will do
Or perhaps, just I

For you.

photo here
 poem copyrighted by me

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JMay said...

oh my gosh. That dress in that pic is magical!