Wednesday, June 16, 2010



The warrior sky deepened
As it cut stars
Into my diary
Swinging down
Upon us ornaments of
Gaiety and warmth
You held me
Securely and I
Attired myself
As a ballerina
To reach your mouth
And steal your words
Their honey quenching
This loophole between
Magnetic conversation and
Impatient desire
Oh we could rest
Any place as desolate
And gray as one
Alley – bent
And I would still
Feel the ceaseless
Path of our gardened
Wedding bed
For no land
Can steal your

photography copyrighted by me: Dahlia Sentimental
poem copyrighted by me in collection: blue birds drag the stars


kelly ann said...

gorgeous... i love reading your poems so much. <3

and flowers pick themselves said...

oh, magical! i love your use of language.

xo Alison

Kellie Collis said...

Darling words! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

ch▲r said...

beautiful, delicate words... i love the the picture too, so green and peaceful. lovely blog!'